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Incursed was born in 2007 in Aranda de Duero, but it’s when they moved to Bilbao  that the activity intensifies. A first EP entitled ​...Time to Unsheathe Our Rusty  Swords, followed by ​Morituri (2010), made Incursed visible to the local folk and  pagan metal fans.

Fimbulwinter (2012) and ​Elderslied (2014) gave stability and continuity to their  proposal, with both albums being a great success to the public media worldwide, a  fact that made them able to tour Spain and Europe with known bands as Immortal,  Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Suidakra or Cruachan. 

It’s in 2017 when the band releases their fourth LP, entitled Amalur, followed by the tour named A Journey to Amalur, stating remarkable improvement and bringing them to frequently visit national and international stages for a year and a half.

After a couple of years of more hard work, in 2021, Baskavígin is published. Fifth album by the band and the first one to be released with Helheim Records, and Red Rivet Records in Japan. An album which confirms Incursed as a mature band and is recognized as the greatest release in Folk/Pagan Metal of the year 2021 in Spain by the specialized press.


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